Kanani Textiles is one of the biggest producer of spun-dyed yarn in India and is one of the largest exporters of value added synthetic and blended yarns in the country with versatility of products.Kanani Textiles is also one of the prominent manufacturers of cotton and cotton blended dyed and melange yarns. It is amongst the few exclusive spinners in India for specialty yarns such as Modal, Lyocell and Tencel in the country.Kanani Textiles is one stop shop for its customers and is a pioneer in developing a large number of blends and shades to meet the ever changing requirement of its customers.

The Company's engagement in this space extends beyond scale. It has a passionate involvement in the development of blends and shades that can potentially enhance consumer convenience and marketplace excitement. The result is that the Company has progressively emerged as a one-stop specialised yarn solutions provider for some of the most demanding market-facing companies within India and across the world.

Our Specialities:

  • 100% Cotton Melanges
  • Cotton Melanges Blended Yarns
  • 100% Cotton Yarn Solid Dyed
  • Cotton / Wool Blends
  • Cotton / Linen Blends
  • Viscose / Wool Blends
  • Multi Blended Yarns
  • Viscose / Cotton Blends
  • 100% Modal Melanges
  • Modal / Cotton Melanges (Modal from Lenzing)
  • Injection Slubs & Normal Slubs
  • Low Pill Yarns
  • Bamboo / Cotton Blended Yarns
  • Neppy Yarns in Cotton & its Blends
  • Jespe Yarns in Cotton & its Blends
  • Multi fold Yarns for Industrial Applications (capitalization of each word in case of any products and Machinary)